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Sales… one of the most unfairly criticised professions in the world, and yet sales people are the main driving force in almost every single business.

Here at Think Wow, we LOVE sales.

In our experience; team members that have spent time in a sales role tend to have a better sense of how to keep customers loyal, have well-honed negotiation skills, and are often happy to share those hard-earned selling skills with new team members.

BUT – that doesn’t mean all sales people are perfect…

Whatever our level of experience, we all need a refresh of our sales skills from time to time and impactful sales training, underpinned by customer experience strategy can be just the ticket to get your sales people firing on all cylinders again.

One of the hardest decisions sales leaders face when looking to improve team performance is which of the many available sales training courses to invest in. 

Sales management doesn’t want to waste precious time and budget on training programmes that don’t actually improve sales skills, but how to pick the best sales training course from a virtual world filled with sales gurus making grand and exciting promises?

With sales performance research in the US showing that for every dollar invested in training by a business they earned $4.50 in return; it’s not a question of if – but what?

So – you’ve decided you want to put your sales team through some sales training. Perhaps your sales reps aren’t making the most of a great sales process, or perhaps that online sales training you bought them didn’t have the impact on results you were hoping for…

Whatever the reason you’re considering training programmes – Think Wow can help. We know that customer loyalty is key to the long-term success of a business and that great customer experience (CX) begins long before a customer actually places their order – which is why CX plays a core part in all sales coaching or sales training programmes we deliver.

A sales strategy that doesn’t have a laser focus on the lifetime revenue of a client isn’t going to make life easier for a sales leader – quite the opposite.

Our sales training experts have taken the learning from years in front line sales teams, as sales managers, and working as (and with) senior sales leaders to wade through the jargon and doublespeak that populates many sales training programmes (shocking though that might sound!) to create something that is largely bespoke to each organisation but includes the following core principles:

  • Learning how to develop communication skills that allow for effective relationship building with all personality types / buyer personas
  • Using effective account management as the key to sustainable growth
  • Building empathic listening skills
  • Utilising modern selling (such as social selling and problem-solving)
  • An engaging delivery style from our sales trainers (think interactive workshops as opposed to classroom-style)
  • An analytical approach to effectively manage sales opportunities

We can of course focus on any specific areas of opportunity you may have identified within your sales teams (or even your sales manager) to ensure your objectives for the sales training are achieved.

Of 1,000 sales professionals surveyed by, 68% plan to look for a new job in the next year, and 45% in the next three months!

I know what you’re thinking “there’s no way that applies to us!”, and you know what – you’re probably right. The fact you’re even here considering sales training for your team members means you’re probably keeping your sales teams fairly happy already.

That said; with 94 percent of employees stating they’d stay with a company longer if there was an investment in learning, is it really worth taking the risk?

A willingness to invest in the progression of teams is a key differentiator when it comes to retaining (and attracting) the best talent, so sales training could have even longer-term benefits than purely helping to improve sales results.

Our sales training is perfect for:

  • Sales leaders taking on a new or expanded role
  • SMEs looking to accelerate organic growth and customer retention
  • Teams with a complex sales cycle (or complex product / service)
  • Sales people who’ve tried other sales training courses and found them underwhelming or generic
  • Businesses looking to develop an effective account management program
  • Sales professionals who could unlock their full potential with 1-on-1 sales coaching

If you’re considering enhancing your teams’ sales performance, we’d love to help!

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What happens once you’re ready to start your sales training journey?

One of our expert trainers will spend some time to understand your sales objectives, what experience your sales teams have had with previous sales training programmes (what worked; what didn’t), any specific challenges you or your teams face, and generally getting to know you and your business a little better.

Then, we’ll set about creating a specific sales training course (or courses, if you have a multi-channel sales organisation) that is bespoke to you and your needs. We can use physical or online training to suit your preference, but our no.1 goal is that the sales training we deliver is impactful, relevant, and long-lasting.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs:

Simply put – whichever one most accurately reflects the needs of you, your business, and your teams. The best sales training courses will be tailored to your business, your process and your specific clients as opposed to being off the shelf.

Your sales people should come away from the training feeling energised but not overwhelmed, with a clear action plan and a sense of accountability.

There are some very profitable (and expensive) sales training classes out there that are simply cookie-cutter online training, and don’t improve anybody’s revenue except those people selling them.

Some sales people will say the golden rule is “underpromise and overdeliver”, but the best sales training programmes know that a great customer experience is more complex than simply setting a low bar. Effectively managing customer expectations so they know exactly what if going to happen, and when, is critical.

Depending on the product or service, over-delivering can actually cause a customer problems – think of a scenario where a delivery estimate is beaten but the customer doesn’t have enough storage space to accept it!

The most effective sales training courses will not try to force the sales people into following a linear and robotic sales process. For all but very inexperienced sales people this will likely result in a reduction in long-term performance.

Impactful sales training acknowledges that all sales people are different and instead seeks to arm them all with the most useful tools (such as negotiation skills, spotting buying signals, asking the right questions). In an increasingly virtual world; it is impossible to expect each sale to follow the same exact cycle, so empowering sales teams with the right skills to maximise each and every opportunity that comes their way is far more sustainable.

Many successful sales people become so with almost no formal sales training… That said, a basic grasp of negotiation skills, ability to use a CRM system, critical questioning and empathic listening, coupled with account management training (and a highly organised approach!) will help sales management get the best performance from a team with good natural ability.

Sales training can range from comprehensive and prescriptive through to highly specialised, depending on the specific needs of the team, but it’s probably accurate to say that the wrong sales training is worse than no training at all – so choose carefully!

Look at metrics such as customer satisfaction and revenue too. As long as you see an upwards trend in these areas you can usually feel confident that you’re on the right track.

Sales training classes can range from free, right through to several thousand pounds or dollars per day. Online training courses tend to be cheaper but less relevant; personalised sales training delivered by a specialist expert tends to be more expensive but more relevant (and therefore more impactful).

A better way to look at it is in value terms – ask, “why do I or my teams need this sales training, and what will it mean to the business if it’s effective?”. If the ROI looks positive then it’s a worthwhile investment, regardless of the cost (as long as it’s affordable in the short-term).

Obviously the plethora of US-based online training courses are available to you, but unless you’re targeting an American customer base, UK-specific training is likely to be far more effective. US businesses view sales very differently and, in general, are far more willing to be ‘pitched’, whereas UK clients tend to react better to a consultative, slow-burn sales process.

Look for a sales training provider who takes the time to understand your business and your product / service, and can create a bespoke plan accordingly.

Firstly, paying someone what they are worth, without them having to come cap in hand for a pay rise can prevent a valued employee from becoming disenfranchised and looking elsewhere.

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it was also established that staff are more likely to be motivated if they have their basic human needs taken care of such as safety and shelter. Financial instability can have a significant negative impact to mental and physical wellbeing. Supporting your employees by making basic financial advice available can be a great step towards them achieving financial wellbeing, not to mention that as most companies don’t do this, it helps you stand out from the crowd as an employer of choice!

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