Why is sales training important?

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Effective sales training holds many benefits for both your sales team and your business.

Not only should sales training help your salespeople to understand customer needs better, and build strong communication skills that win them trust and help them with client relationships, but it should also equip them to understand sales from a strategic standpoint.

In short, sales training is the foundation your sales force needs to ensure that they close sales with confidence, that your customers are only ever sold to based on their needs and that with each interaction your sales team have, both internally and externally.

They should know what your company’s share of wallet is, how much a client is leaving on the table and how to inspire enough confidence in your brand that your customer doesn’t think twice about where they spend their money.

Having a dedicated approach to sales training in your business ensures that skills and knowledge are never left to chance, but instead form a deliberate part of your growth strategies and investment in your people.

How does sales training impact customer experience?

The importance of sales training can’t be overstated. Your marketing team work hard to entice prospects into your sales funnel, so make sure that you have strong salespeople with excellent product knowledge ready and waiting to create more loyal customers.

If a sales function is trained well, your marketing team don’t have to work as hard or spend as much money to grow your customer base, because the customer experience and the positive reviews that follow will help attract more customers.

It’s a fundamental element of any customer experience to ensure that every staff member is well trained and knowledgeable and that your customers feel they are in safe hands.

Not only that but sales performance can be directly impacted by employee churn which can be a result of a lack of investment in training.

Good training helps teams to feel cared for, empowered and ready to perform and that will have a tangible impact on the customer experience as each customer will be treated with respect.

It will always be the prospect’s decision who to purchase from and they’ll choose you time and again because they enjoy their experience with you and because the sales function sets clear and manageable expectations that the operations teams not only know about but are capable of delivering against.

Sales training helps establish ways of working, empowers your salespeople to perform to their best and also enables consistency of approach regardless of who your clients talk to or how they enter your sales pipeline.

Consistency is a big win when it comes to creating a strong customer experience.

What are the advantages of sales training?

Training is one of the best investments you can make for both your sales team and your customers.

Bad sales reps who haven’t had that investment will often come across as pushy and will disregard the customer’s basic needs in the misguided belief that if they are pushy and convincing enough they will win the sale.

This just leads to a bad experience all around.

Not winning sales leads to a despondent sales team, unhappy and alienated customers and can even spill over to impact your existing customers too.

The converse of this when you get it right. When salespeople are taught that customers don’t exist to help them hit their target, but that they exist to help their customers meet their needs.

Understanding your customers’ goals, their challenges and how your product or service can help them reach their goals will ensure that your sales professionals sell based on need and a genuine business development relationship can form where your client trusts that you have their interest at heart.

Some of the top benefits of sales training are:

Increased conversion rate

Confident and empowered sales teams sell more, perform to a higher standard and are more likely to hit targets regularly leading to an increased conversion rate and ultimately an increase in revenue.

Longer-term client relationships

When things go well, clients stick around for the long term. Smoother processes, more confident salespeople and consistency will all mean that your competitors don’t feature in your customer’s decisions.

Empowered teams

Training is motivating and empowering when delivered in the right way. The benefit to spending dedicated time honing their sales skills is increased confidence and less need for sales leaders to micromanage.

Fewer mistakes/complaints

When you have strong salespeople who have been well trained, everything goes more smoothly. This leads to fewer problems and in turn, fewer complaints which cost the company less.

More consistency

Imagine everyone in the sales team working towards the same goal. It’s a beautiful thought, isn’t it?

Well, great training leads to consistency of approach, and importantly to everyone on the team understanding the bigger picture.

Values-based decisions

If you have a set of core values at the heart of your business then these should always be built into the training.

That way you aren’t just teaching your sales team how to respond to fixed scenarios, but to think on their feet in a way that meets the business need and fits with your values.

A team moving towards the strategic mission

Your business will have clear objectives, the sales process and sales team shouldn’t sit as separate departments with its own goals.

Training can help join the sales function up to the wider organisational objectives to ensure every single customer interaction helps move the business closer to its goals.

Employees feel more valued

Sales training is important because it sends the message to your sales force that they are important.

Investing in them, in their personal development and in how they look after your customers sends a clear message that both employees and customers are valued in your company.

Once your client trusts this implicitly, you don’t even really need to sell anymore, they will just want to listen to your advice.

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Training has so many benefits that any money spent on it is an investment that you’ll see returned time and again – it’s not about the cost, but about the return on investment.

What are sales training programs?

A sales training program is just a fancy way for describing a structured approach to giving your salesperson all the tools they need to succeed in their role.

It should be person-centred, designed to get the best from the individuals on the program and should help them develop existing strengths as well as identify areas they need to work on.

It will cover softer skills such as conversation techniques as well as areas like understanding your position in the market, how to identify prospects and how to develop a sales approach that leads to sales success.

Many businesses and in fact, many salespeople are natural people. They go into sales because they are good at it, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still leaving money on the table.

This is one of the reasons why sales training is important. It can help a naturally good salesperson to become a consistently great one.

What part does the sales process play in a good sales training strategy?

Product knowledge and salespeople who are well trained will go a long way towards achieving your organisation’s sales objectives, but it’s also essential that there are clear sales processes in place that are routinely followed by all in the team.

If the business owner can celebrate the skills, techniques and sales performance of the team regularly then it can help sales reps feel a valued part of the business.


In conclusion, having a clear road map to success that includes training, details of how services will be deployed and what the company can gain from a strong structure around the sales team can be crucial.

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Rebecca Brown
Rebecca’s intense passion for customer excellence began over a decade ago when she oversaw the opening of several high-end retail art galleries, balancing the need for an exceptional experience with a drive for sales.

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