Think Wow win Best Customer Experience for their client at the UK Business Awards!

Think Wow win best customer experience

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It’s been two months since we helped our clients The Eurotank Group to win gold for their customer experience strategy at the UK business awards, but what’s changed since then?

In the wake of the award win we found a sudden and overwhelming increase in customer enquiries from big, well-known brands we’d never imagined working with. They all suddenly opened their doors to talk to us, desperate to recreate the success we’d had with Eurotank. We had some exciting conversations, and our start-up business was catapulted to a new level of working. All our dreams came true overnight.

Well that all sounds great…except that it’s totally fictional!

Other than a bit of jumping up and down in celebration, a couple of glasses of prosecco consumed and the odd word changed on our website – nothing much changed for us here at Think Wow.

Winning gold for one of the first end-to-end customer experience strategy projects we’ve delivered for our clients is validating and reassuring – but we also know that it’s critical to stay grounded. We’re still a young business and we still have lots to learn.

Our priority is and always will be delivering value for our clients. We want to lead more of them to award wins and more importantly to happier, more loyal customers who spend more with them.

Where do we go from here?

We want to keep pushing boundaries and innovating. With every new client we work with to improve their customer experience design, we learn more. We research the best way to improve customer experiences, how to deliver increased customer loyalty and how to use customer insight to drive improved customer outcomes. Crucially though, we don’t just research existing customer experience theory – we look for solutions outside of the industry. We look at what leaders in Formula 1 and football are doing to develop a winning culture. We look at the psychology behind situations ranging from buying decisions to how to negotiate with terrorists, and we apply the relevant learning back to what we do for our clients.

Think Wow was never about following the rules or sticking to the tried and tested methodologies already available. If our customers wanted to do that, they could simply pick up a book and interpret what it would look like in their own business.

Instead, we want to focus on getting to know our clients’ businesses from the ground up, through their employees’ eyes and their customers’ hearts. What’s driving their current loyalty? What needs to be addresses? Where could we look to innovate and drive change that helps them to separate themselves from their competition on a whole new battleground?

Think Wow helping you with CX

Think Wow is not quite two years old yet. We started our business due to a lack of great employed roles on the South Coast and when our youngest daughter was only seven months old.

We launched without significant funding behind us, without a long list of prospects to approach and we spent less than £500 on marketing in our first year. We grew our network organically and won clients by adding value and supporting others.

In the last two years we’ve been named ‘Forward thinkers’, recognised out as ‘top influencers in CX’ and now have the award for the ‘Best Customer Experience’ from the UK Business Awards. We’ve opened a growth hub to help small businesses in West Sussex and Hampshire to get started, and to attract, win, and retain the right kind of customers to make sure they grow sustainably. We’ve even collaborated with a well-known charity to help put an end to workplace bullying. It’s been a busy 24 months!

When we stop and reflect on our journey so far, we don’t take for granted that we have a lot to be proud of, and that we’ve achieved so many of our goals early on all whilst surviving a pandemic. We’ve worked hard, we’ve been graced with good luck, and we’ve had the help and support of so many fantastic business people – but our work is by no means done.

We’re planning on changing the face of UK CX by making customer experience strategy accessible to small businesses and start-ups. We’re planning on helping larger organisations to redefine what great customer experience looks like for them and we’re looking to recruit and expand our team in the next 12 months to do that.

One thing is for sure, it’s an exciting time to be in business and we can’t wait to see where the next year takes us!

Picture of Rebecca Brown
Rebecca Brown
Rebecca’s intense passion for customer excellence began over a decade ago when she oversaw the opening of several high-end retail art galleries, balancing the need for an exceptional experience with a drive for sales.

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