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We work with organisations that want ongoing help with their sales process, sales confidence levels, or wider sales strategy. We help you move away from one-off transactional sales, to a sales approach that helps you grow your share of wallet, and build long-term relationships with your customers.

Because our sales approach has customer experience strategy at it’s foundation, it helps you strengthen existing relationships, grow loyalty within your customer base and also utilise your happy customers to make attracting new customers that little bit easier.

With a Think Wow sales mentor you will not only grow in confidence when it comes to your sales approach, you’ll also shake off any residual negativity you might subconsciously feel about ‘selling’ and embrace the huge potential to build trust, deliver a better experience to your customers with every sale, and as a result – win more business!

Through a combination of structured learning, advice, and constructive criticism, sales mentoring will help improve the sales success of any person committed to making an investment in their own performance (from experienced sales people to brand new sales reps).

Our mentoring service is perfect for:

We work with you to understand your organisation, your continuous professional development objectives and, through our sales mentoring, we work to equip you and your sales team with the expertise and new techniques you need to grow revenue, and feel confident when selling.

A good sales mentor works with sales managers, business development teams, sales team members, or even the MD of a new business, to ensure that your sales activities add real value to your business. Too many mentors are focused on buzzwords and ‘foolproof systems’, but we’ll make sure your performance is measured in a way that makes sense for you and your business, so that you know you aren’t just ‘spinning the wheels’.

Did you know 87% of mentors and mentees feel empowered by their mentoring relationship and develop greater confidence

Whatever you want the focus of our time together to be, we set aside a fixed number of hours each month to help your business achieve its customer goals. 

If you’re considering mentors, we’d love to help!

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sales mentoring service
sales mentoring service by think wow
sales mentoring by think wow
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Still on the fence?

Mentoring can increase staff happiness, motivation and retention, and enhance levels of confidence within developing talent.

Working with Think Wow can help your business to gain fresh perspectives with external expertise, help with innovation, structure and your overall approach to selling.

We’ve found that it’s often the case that an employee will feel more comfortable to admit knowledge gaps or areas of concern to a mentor who doesn’t manage their day to day workload or have any input in promotion opportunities.

Our mentors provide a regular, safe and encouraging space for our clients to connect with an expert at the top of the profession, who can help build tools, relationship building skills, as well as a broader strategic awareness, at a comfortable pace and with a learning style tailored to their needs.

The benefits of working with a mentor are huge. 67% of businesses surveyed reported an increase in productivity due to mentoring.

What happens once you're ready for mentoring?

We’ll start by understanding where you and your company are in terms of a sales processes, confidence levels and your current share of wallet with key clients. If you have them, we’ll focus on helping you reach your objectives. If you haven’t created a strategy or objectives yet then we’ll work with you to design and implement one. Remember, it’s your time to use how you want!

We’ll usually recommend that we meet once a week to maintain momentum. This can either be by phone, video call or, for local clients, it can even be face to face. Each sales mentoring meeting typically lasts an hour and we take a person-centred approach, making sure any content we cover is tailored to your learning style.

If you’re ready to get started, we’d love to talk to you!

sales mentoring that gets results

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs:

We only want to work with individuals who are enjoying their time with us, feel like it’s a valuable use of their businesses resource and who really get benefit from our weekly sales coaching sessions, so we don’t tie you in for a lengthy term. Our time does book up fast however so if you decide that mentorship isn’t for you, all we ask is that if you want to cancel, you give us one month notice.
Mentoring packages start at £1,000 per month for a weekly sales mentoring session and ongoing ad-hoc support with reaching your goals. Some companies opt to sign up multiple salespeople for mentoring and wherever possible we’ll look to pass any cost savings on to you for any sessions that can be combined.
An example session could include some dedicated time spent on addressing any challenges that have occurred that week, looking at current leads, how likely they are to convert and what the potential share of wallet is that’s up for grabs. A good mentor relationship will help you build confidence in your initial sales approach, how you can best qualify leads to understand the size and scope of the job, and give your sales approach the best chance to succeed. It should also work more slowly on ensuring a fit-for-purpose sales strategy and tailored learning plan.

Even if you’re a very successful salesperson or senior sales management – it can feel lonely at the top sometimes. The best mentors will act as a sounding board, a fresh pair of eyes, and even help you with getting the best from the more challenging stakeholders in your business.

Sales as more of an art than a science. Each sales person will have a different toolkit to draw upon, different experiences and different mental blocks – maybe we might have an approach you haven’t considered yet, and a good mentor will always be honest with you, supporting you to achieve your sales goals whilst acting as a second set of hands and a supportive ear.

Sales mentor services at Think Wow are led by top influencer, Daniel Brown. Daniel has worked in sales leadership for the past 15 years, across multiple industries, with his last employed role as VP of sales for a FTSE 100 company. There aren’t many challenges he hasn’t experienced first hand, and his specific experience transforming underperforming sales departments includes managing to lead one sales team to a record 24 consecutive quarters of exceeding challenging sales targets. Daniel balances being supportive with pushing you just hard enough that you’ll see your sales performance improve in the long run.

Daniel will help you review your current sales approach, eliminate any unnecessary steps in the process that are slowing you down or losing you business, and he’ll help you switch away from looking at monthly sales targets, to stretch targets and increased financial reward.

Ideally someone with a strong background in sales coaching, a proven career as a salesperson, and your best interests at heart! In other words, not somebody who just Googles a list of ‘sales tips’ and fires them at you every week, but who understands the needs of your organisation and builds a long-term relationship to nurture your career in sales.
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