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We’re guessing you’re here because you are a sales leader or business owner with a suspicion that your sales team is leaving deals on the table…

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Times are hard for your average customer, no doubt, but is that entirely to blame?

Could it be that your sales process is staler than that tin of beans hiding at the back of your cupboard?
Or perhaps your sales approach feels about as sophisticated as Donald Trump's seduction technique?

Whatever has brought you here, we’re glad you found us.

Welcome to Think Wow, the driving force for business growth

You already know that sales growth is important. You may even have already invested in coaching for your sales team or shelled out a small fortune on a shiny new CRM system.

The problem is – none of these things, in isolation (or even combined), are necessarily going to increase sales. Sales people can be mercurial and unpredictable – fuelled by a heady cocktail of double espresso and the lure of commission.

Unless you can create an ecosystem that allows them to naturally develop their sales skills and deliver their best performance, they’re never going to have the impact on your business that you want (and need).


80% of your sales consultants probably got into sales because they “fell into it” or “needed a job”, which means that a worryingly high proportion of them:

a) Didn't grow up dreaming of a career in sales...


b) Don't see themselves as natural sales people and so can't see any potential to improve...

Your business is more than just the sum of its parts, and at Think Wow, we understand that there are a vast array of factors impacting your sales success. In order to truly transform your sales activity, every one of those factors needs to be examined. We can give you the tailored support you need to lead a step-change in revenue (and yes – that does include leadership development for those at the top of the tree!).

What is a sales consultancy?

When you think of a sales consulting company, it probably conjures up images of flash cars, shiny suits, and dazzlingly white teeth…

Well, we’re sorry to disappoint you, but our suits aren’t that shiny, and our teeth aren’t that white (thanks, 5-coffee-a-day habit). We’re an approachable team that believes in plain speaking and promises to put you first. We do like fast cars, though…

Your customers, your sales strategies, your challenges – a sales consultancy is essentially a group of experts who have the experience and knowledge to get under the bonnet of your sales operations. We can give you the tools and advice you need to implement powerful solutions and turbo-charge your sales performance.

Together, we can make your sales processes, systems, sales teams, and marketing efforts work in beautiful harmony – like a smooth V8 engine (we told you we liked fast cars, didn’t we?).

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sales mentoring
Sales Mentoring

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Sales Strategy
Sales Strategy

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Sales Training
Sales Training

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Linkedin Training
Social Selling

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Who will benefit from sales consultancy?

Quite simply – if you suspect your sales consultants could be more effective, you’re probably right!

Whether you’re a sales director or a business owner, there’s a good chance that you and your team could benefit from the focussed support of experienced sales consultants.

At Think Wow, we like to take a different approach to sales growth...

It would be easy to say, “we’ve been helping businesses like yours for years”, but actually – how could we possibly know that?

You could be reading this as the sole director of an eel farm or the CEO of a multinational… or both!

What we do know is that through our experience working with international charities, leading accounting practises, law firms, and multinationals in construction and the built environment, we’ve found that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

There are some ingredients that we consistently find successful (like improving sales processes, arming sales teams with proven techniques, and finessing the overall sales strategy), but we don’t do ‘oven-ready’ consulting.

There are some ingredients that we consistently find successful (like ensuring clear measurement of ROI on all marketing activity, documented processes, arming marketing and channels teams with proven techniques, and finessing the overall marketing strategy), but we don’t do ‘oven-ready’ consulting.

Some growth agencies make wild claims of guaranteed success if you’ll just buy their “tried and tested system”, but we don’t do that.

Instead, we understand that we only succeed if you succeed. So we take a methodical approach to learn about your business and the challenges it faces to deliver sustainable, long-term improvements and more profitable relationships with your clients.

We place your employees and your customers at the centre of all we do, with holistic experience design woven into all our strategic consultancy.

Our Sales Consultancy Services

If you have something specific in mind, that’s fine too. We can be flexible and can work with you to tailor any one of the following services to your requirements.

Sales Strategy

Whether it's looking at new markets, pricing, or business development activities, our team can help create and refine a sales strategy that will leave your competition crying into their oat-milk lattes (not that we discriminate - all are welcome here, and it's our founder Rebecca's favourite drink!).

Sales Training

If you know that your sales team need enhanced focus on the fundamentals of selling, we have a variety of ways to whip them into shape (that sounded violent, but we promise it isn't!). Your sales people will be guided through interactive exercises (created in consultation with you) to help deliver the lasting behavioural change your business needs.

Sales Mentoring

You might feel that you or your team would benefit from longer-term support. If so - we've got your back! Whether you want intensive support or a monthly check-in to bounce ideas off of somebody impartial, we have a range of support options to suit every budget.
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Contact Think Wow
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