Our top tips to win more business with customer experience

Our top tips to win more business with customer experience

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Customer experience is the perception people have of your brand based off of their interactions, research and ongoing relationship with you. This influences their purchasing decisions, how they talk about your brand and their loyalty to you.

So to win more business, customer experience should be your number one priority, otherwise, the rest can’t follow. In this blog, we’re happy to be sharing our top ten tips to build customer loyalty through exceptional customer experience strategy.

How does customer experience impact gaining new customers?

Customer experience will significantly impact how you gain customers, especially through word of mouth. It makes sense that if a customer completes their shopping experience and is happy then they are more likely to return as compared to if they had a negative experience.

However, a good impression should be maintained and if these customers return, they will expect the same excellent service. Unfortunately, a lot of companies focus too hard on attracting new customers instead of rewarding and retaining their existing ones, so don’t fall into this trap.

Top 10 customer experience tips to win more business

Now, we know there’s a lot more to it when it comes to creating a perfect customer experience strategy, but if our customer experience consultants had to pick 10 simple tips to go by that can benefit any business, these are at the top of our list…

#1 Use customer feedback

Customer feedback is very valuable. If you want to improve your customer experience, who’s better to ask than your own customers? Surveys are a great way of getting feedback from previous customers.

You may not always get the valuable feedback you need from your customers, so you should also know and research your customers expectations. Gather customer data about as many of your customers as possible and find out what your customers are looking for, what they are buying and the frequency of their purchases.

It’s a good idea to research their lifestyle, interests and occupation when trying to understand their needs.

#2 Personalise customer experience

Make your customers feel like more than just another number by personalising their experience. For example, recommending products, they might enjoy based off their previous purchase history.

Digital marketing is fantastic for personalising customer experiences. For example, you can:

  • Use data and analytics to create tailored content to each individual customer. e.g a tailored advert based on search history.
  • Create specific and relevant landing pages.
  • Create interesting and engaging content that your customers want to see.
  • Drive sales with personalised ads and email campaigns

However, how you use your customer experience data is important. You don’t want to creep your potential customers out or anger them by collecting data they didn’t ask you to collect or give consent to.

#3 Customers pain points

Pain points are persistent problems with a product or service that can inconvenience customers.

Identifying your customer’s pain points and meeting their needs will give you the upper hand against competitors.

Research your customer’s pain points e.g. what are your customers needing that your competitors aren’t addressing?

#4 Build a community

Building a community creates a connection between you and your customers. Using your platforms to sell to your customers constantly gets boring. Fast.

Using your platforms to entertain and build a community is the way forward! This will also boost brand loyalty with your customers, as you’ll be providing value to them.

#5 Have empathy

Having empathy is crucial to providing a great customer experience. Understanding how your customers feel and supporting them shows you care and makes your customers feel valued & heard.

When dealing with unhappy customers, showing empathy and understanding will have you held high over your competitors.

How you deal with complaints and your customer support/ service overall is also going to play a big part in your customer’s perception of you.

#6 Look at your customer journey

Your customer’s journey is the journey your customers take when purchasing a product from you, whether from a physical or online store.

It starts with them not knowing your products or your company and shouldn’t actually end – it just moves into an ongoing phase of nurturing/loyalty/repeat purchasing.

Journey mapping breaks down your entire customer experience. Look in detail at customer pain points and key moments where your customers will make decisions. Make sure that you analyse your current customer journey in enough detail to spot any weaknesses.

When you collect customer experience data, look at the customer journey as this will give you a lot of customer insights to work with.

If you want to learn about the whole customer journey and how you can delight customers at every stag, check out our blog.

#7 Your values

Make sure your values are deeply embedded in everything you do and communicate this to your customers. Your ideal customers will share the same values as you and this will help you find your target audience.

Customers are also a lot more likely to spend with a brand whose values align with their own:

“A staggering 82% of shoppers want a brand’s values to align with their own.”


This statistic is huge and just goes to show how important it is to get your brands values and beliefs out there.

#8 Listen to your employees

When you invest into your employees, you’re investing into your customers. If your staff are happy and cared for then they will be more dedicated to delivering a positive customer experience.

Great customer experience (CX) starts with satisfied employees. In fact, a 5 % increase in employee engagement has been shown to lead to a 3% jump in revenue.

And companies with happy employees also see 81% higher satisfaction with customers.

#9 Multiple channel

Be omnipresent (well, not literally) by being available on multiple channels. This can help your customers reach out if they need to as not everyone uses the same platforms as others and different age groups will use different forms of communication.

Communicating and being active on different channels will also help you build a community and help customers to find you.

Use every platform to drive customers to your website by providing links in your bio.

#10 Create an emotional connection

Customers will evaluate their experience with a brand based on how it made them feel, so evoking positive emotions from your customers will see them becoming loyal, returning customers in the future.

These are just a few tips that are beneficial to any business, no matter the size. If you use these as a checklist and make sure you are always keeping these in mind then you will already be ahead of a lot of your competition and be on your way to creating a winning customer experience strategy.

Will customer satisfaction always generate more business?

There is a lot more to the customer experience than just customer satisfaction. Even if you meet a customer’s needs it doesn’t mean they will return.

There a few reasons for this, some of the most common are:

Rudeness from an employee

This is why making your staff are happy and cared for is important. You should never take a bad mood out on your customers. Being rude is uncalled for and customers will happily travel further to receive the customer experience they deserve.

A customer’s experience is heavily tied to how employees have treated them. Your employees are the face of your company and you want customers to be greeted with a smile.

Unfortunately, a bad experience is more likely to be talked about than a good one.

“84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends. 82% of shoppers specifically seek negative reviews.”


So keep this in mind as online reviews and testimonials hold a lot of power when it comes to swaying purchase decisions. If customers are already aware of somebody else receiving poor service, that is what they will be looking out for.

Bad customer service

Of course this one is up here, there’s nothing more frustrating than being passed around when calling up customer service, being kept on hold and then not even getting the answer you’re looking for. This story is all too common and needs to change!

Always respect your customer’s time and make sure if they’re put on hold it’s not for longer than 5 minutes and they actually get through to someone that can help them.

Being passed around gives the impression you don’t care and don’t want to deal with their enquiry which is disheartening for customers, especially when they’ve spent money with you, they deserve to be respected and valued.

This can quickly turn existing customers away and into the arms of your competitors, so make sure your customer service has the ability to meet customer expectations. One bad experience can quickly disregard previously good experiences.

Overpriced products

If you’re a small business then you’ll know all too well about how “It’s cheaper online” and “*competitor store* sells it for £2 less” but don’t be concerned.

“One in four customers is willing to pay up to 10% more in almost every industry if they know they will receive excellent customer service.”


Customers expect you to meet their needs, pair that with excellent customer experience and you’ve got a happy customer that’s more than willing to pay the price, nevermind questioning it.

This doesn’t mean rip off your customers, but for small businesses it can be hard to compete in certain markets so prices are higher. Hopefully, this is reassurance that with the right care and attention into your customers they will be happy and proud to support you.

Take these into account when creating your winning customer experience strategy because every customer interaction shapes the overall experience you create for them.


In conclusion, these are just a few MUSTS for every business, big or small. If you’d like to chat about any of these points or about how you can improve your customer experience strategy in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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