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If you’re here, then you are probably a marketing leader looking for a little strategic direction to grow your brand. 

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Perhaps to improve the ROI of your marketing communications, get under the skin of your target audience, or develop your brand messaging.

Perhaps you simply want a fresh perspective in order to breathe new life into your brand.
Maybe it feels like your social media strategy isn't making the targeted splash you hoped for (more a Homer Simpson belly-flop than a Tom Daley perfect 10...)
Or is it that your marketing department is dwelling in the stone age with tried and tested (but long since effective) tactics...

Whatever has brought you here, we’re glad you found us.

Welcome to Think Wow, brand and marketing consultants

You already know how crucial a marketing plan is to business growth and sustainability. You may have already devoted an extensive budget to digital marketing and brand positioning, so what’s missing?

With so many marketing channels to consider, plenty of ways to reach your audience and the consistently evolving digital options (to AI or not to AI… that is the question), it can feel like finding the perfect marketing blend is more of an art than an exact science.

Hitting the sweet spot with your channel mix and creating the right messaging to reach the right people and the right time is tough. Not only is there pressure on brands to be environmentally friendly, PC and inclusive, but they also have to show personality, have a bit of fun and not be afraid to make jokes…

Don't Despair

Brands can end up trying to be everything to everyone, which only results in an inconsistent and confusing brand identity, resulting in a loss of customer confidence.

Think Wow specialises in working with you to help you ensure your marketing investment is spent wisely, your time is invested in the right place, and the ROI on your marketing activities is clearly defined and measurable. We'll have your marketing engine purring like a kitten in no time!

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What is marketing consultancy?

When you think of a marketing consulting company, it probably conjures up images of flash cars, shiny suits, and dazzlingly white teeth…

Well, we’re sorry to disappoint you, but our suits aren’t that shiny, and our teeth aren’t that white (thanks, 5-coffee-a-day habit). We’re an approachable team that believes in plain speaking and promises to put you first. We do like fast cars though…

Your customers, your marketing systems, your challenges – a marketing consultancy is essentially a group of experts who have the experience and knowledge to get under the bonnet of your marketing operations. We can give you the tools and advice you need to implement powerful, innovative solutions and turbo-charge your marketing performance.

Together, we can make your marketing processes, systems, marketing teams, and lead generation efforts work in beautiful harmony – like a smooth V8 engine (we told you we liked fast cars, didn’t we?).

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Who can benefit from brand and marketing consultancy?

Quite simply – if you suspect your marketing could be more effective, you’re probably right!

Whether you’re a CMO, a marketing director or a business owner, there’s a good chance that you and your team could benefit from the focused support of experienced sales and marketing consultants.

At Think Wow, we like to take a different approach...

It would be easy to say, “We’ve been helping businesses like yours for years”, but actually – how could we possibly know that?

You could be reading this as the sole director of an eel farm or the CEO of a multinational… or both!

What we do know is that through our experience working with international charities, leading accounting practises, law firms, and multinationals in construction and the built environment, we’ve found that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Marketing Consultancy Services from ThinkWow

There are some ingredients that we consistently find successful (like ensuring clear measurement of ROI on all marketing activity, documented processes, arming marketing and channels teams with proven techniques, and finessing the overall marketing strategy), but we don’t do ‘oven-ready’ consulting.

Some growth agencies make wild claims of guaranteed success if you’ll just buy their “tried and tested system”, but we don’t do that.

Instead, we understand that we only succeed if you succeed. So we take a methodical approach to learn about your business and the challenges it faces to deliver sustainable, long-term improvements and more profitable relationships with your clients.

We place your employees and your customers at the centre of all we do, with holistic experience design woven into all our strategic consultancy.

Bespoke marketing solutions to reach your audience

Your brand has a story, a purpose and a target audience (whether you know exactly who they are or not). We’ll help you understand who your target market are and enable you to speak directly to them through both strategic and tactical marketing activities.

We will assess your vision, your services, and your approach to email marketing and work with you to create a tailored strategy to meet your operational targets and goals.

Our Consultancy Services

If you have something specific in mind, that's fine too. We can be flexible and can work with you to tailor any one of the following services to your requirements.

Feedback Strategy

A feedback strategy isn't just about enabling your customers to ask for help or to let you know when you've done a great job. A fully formed feedback strategy defines how, where and when consumer insights are collected in a way that adds to their positive perception of your business. It should be easy and intuitive, and the insights should give you a deeper understanding of the needs of your customer. It shouldn't stop there, though. If you've ever heard the term 'data rich, information poor', then you'll know that simply collecting customer feedback isn't enough. It's what you do with it that counts! We will help you better understand your customers, use their feedback to drive improvements, identify training needs, and inform your marketing efforts. Ultimately, a feedback strategy from Think Wow will help you achieve business goals, create a lasting impact on clients, and fuel customer-centric growth.

Tactical Marketing Support

Sometimes you've got your client marketing approach perfectly honed, your team are firing on all cylinders, and everything is going swimmingly - until suddenly, it's not. You have a busy month, or a key member of the team leaves, and what was once a well-oiled machine turns into chaos - overloaded team members, delayed work requests, deadlines missed, results taking a nosedive... But it doesn't need to get that far. With our overflow service, we can support you with daily tactical marketing activities such as content creation, social media management and email campaigns.

Marketing Mentoring

You might feel that you or your team would benefit from longer-term support. If so - we've got your back! Whether you want intensive support or a monthly check-in to bounce ideas off of somebody impartial, we have a range of support options to suit every budget.

Marketing Strategy

Whether it's looking at new markets, channels, or business development activities, our team can help create and refine a strategy that will leave your competition crying into their oat-milk lattes (not that we discriminate - all are welcome here, and it's our founder Rebecca's favourite drink!).

Employer Brand

Increased focus on remote and flexible working has opened up many new options, and the job market is flush with opportunity. Unhappy employees have plenty of other options and can be easily enticed by a better offer. You know that happier customers are more likely to stay loyal and spend more. But did you also know that there's a strong correlation between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction? That's why your employer brand is just as important as your consumer brand. Happy employees remain employees. They become strong advocates for the company and have time to develop the skills and knowledge they need to serve your customers more efficiently. Which, of course, leads to happier customers. Even if you already have a reliable, loyal customer base, that's not a cue to cut your marketing budget - instead, it can be invested in building a strong employer brand. One that increases employee engagement, helps you attract more top talent and improves employee retention.

Our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We believe that ethical and inclusive businesses deserve to get ahead, and that anyone actively considering their audience should not just consider their majority audience, but also those belonging to marginalised groups too.

We have dedicated DEI resources available to input at each stage, and ensure that every project, strategy or ongoing partnership is underpinned not just by brilliant customer experiences, but inclusivity and accessibility too.

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