How to develop your brand strategy

How to develop brand strategy

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Everything you do should represent your brand exactly how you would like your brand to be seen.

An effective brand strategy comes from understanding the goals you want to achieve and aligning them with your consumers beliefs too. A good brand strategy also takes into account all the aspects we’ve spoken about in this blog and develops a content strategy around these key aspects.

There are a lot of aspects and stages to go through when creating your brand. Here at Think WoW, we’re here to help dissect them and build up your brand from the bottom!

In this blog, you will learn the key stages of brand development and strategy with detailed information on how to start and implement your brand strategy. Make sure to take notes!

What makes a good brand strategy?

An effective brand strategy comes from understanding the goals you want to achieve and aligning them with your consumers beliefs too. A good brand strategy also takes into account all the aspects we’ve spoken about in this blog and develops a content strategy around these key aspects.

Why is a brand strategy important?

Your brand goes far deeper than just your logo design. It’s is everything you stand for and believe in, your values, mission, goals and your motivation. Good brand strategies include all of these aspects and weave them into everything they do.

It’s important to develop all of these so you can relate to your target audience and build a brand they are proud to support.

Building a branding strategy helps you to implement your marketing strategy as well, they both work together as your content marketing and other marketing efforts will be influenced by your brand voice.

What are the key elements of brand strategy?

What are the key elements of brand strategy?

There are key stages when thinking about a brand development strategy. If you want an effective branding strategy you must think about your:

Brand identity

Part of the brand development process is your brand identity. This is how your brand visually communicates. Create a specific style for your brand to stand out against the crowd but also accurately represents you.

You need to create a strong brand identity for your audience so that when they see your logo or something related to your brand they are able to easily recognise you. For example, whenever I see purple and yellow together I always think of Cadbury’s!

Your visual identity is made up of your logo, typography, packaging and your personality. These all make your product easily identifiable. Customers will get to know your branding and all of the elements related to it.

Your personality, tone of voice, goals, values and how you communicate with your audience all make up your identity too.

What is brand identity?

Brand positioning

Brand positioning is how you’d like your customers to view your products/services in terms of the value you can offer to them and what you can deliver.

As well as identifying who you are and what you believe in, you need to position yourself in the market. Where do you fit in? What are you bringing to the table?

There are different positioning strategies you can use depending on what you want to achieve, for example:

  • Customer Service Positioning Strategy. (Focusing on customer experience)
  • Convenience-Based Positioning Strategy. (Local/easily accessible)
  • Price-Based Positioning Strategy. (Reasonable prices/more affordable)
  • Quality-Based Positioning Strategy. (Highest quality ingredients or materials)

Remember, brand positioning comes BEFORE brand strategy.

Decide where you want to be positioned in the market and make sure you’re always thinking about bringing a great customer experience strategy to your overall business strategy too!

To learn more in depth about the different positioning strategies, read our blog here!

What is brand positioning?

Company’s mission

Your mission isn’t just your business objectives. Your company should have a mission statement, something bigger you want to achieve and are striving towards.

For example, ThinkWow’s mission is to make customer experience accessible and easy to understand for all, without confusing our customers with industry jargon, that’s why we write these blogs!

Think about how your company could help towards a goal, maybe your packaging is 100% recyclable therefore good for the planet or perhaps you donate a percentage of sales to help remove plastic from the ocean, therefore you’re helping the environment.

These are big goals that are admirable and that everyone will want to support and work towards with you. If you can make your customers feel like they’re doing something good just from purchasing your product, that’s powerful. It also instantly creates a positive experience.

A mission statement isn’t just about what you want to achieve. After all, it’s got to benefit your customers. How can your achievement help other people? Or a cause? If you can relate your company to a cause then customers will not only want to support your brand but be proud to support it.

You don’t have to donate to a charity to give a positive experience but think about how you can give back to your customers by supporting you. Making a quality product more accessible and affordable for people, giving customers free tips and advice (educating them) or being more sustainable are all ways of building a great mission statement and building a powerful brand image.

What are core brand values?

Core values

Your core values are like your morals, you will always stand by these and they will represent who you are.

For example, ThinkWow’s values are to:

  1. Empathise
  2. Add value
  3. To put you first
  4. To make it easy

These values are very important to us and everything we do aligns with these values and our business strategy. Helping businesses grow and succeed comes with having the right values!

Think about what your values are and how you would like to treat your clients/customer base, do you have the right values in place and are you thinking of these with everything you do? Having values gives you a guideline on how to talk to, act with and engage your target customers.

Think about your target audience – what might their values be? If you can align your values with your audience, you will be a company they will want to support and advocate for. Mission statements and values that are personal to you are going to motivate you and resonate with your audience too!

what makes a good brand strategy?


Where do I start with brand strategy?

To help with planning, consider some guidelines for creating an effective brand strategy for your business. This step by step guide should help you start putting a brand strategy together!

1. Market research

Researching the market when you develop a brand is one of the first steps. You need to analyse the market within your niche to see where you fit in and where you’re needed.

Use this research to determine what other brands may be lacking and see what your customers needs are.

Conduct market research to develop brand strategy

2. Develop your positioning

Your positioning comes before your strategy, make sure you know where you want to sit in the market and how you want customers to view you in their mind.

Will you be the cheapest? The most convenient? Or have the best customer service? Maybe all 3? Decide who you want to be and why customers will come to you.

How to develop your brand position

3. Develop your messaging strategy

Your messaging strategy helps translate your brand positioning to your customers. Address your customers needs, concerns, pain points and how you can solve all of these while providing the best customer experience.

Why you should develop a messaging strategy to reinforce your brand

4. Create your visual identity

You want to create a strong visual identity that represents your messaging. Think about your logo, typography, colours and how all these aspects work together. Is your identity consistent across all your channels?

What is your content marketing strategy?

Content marketing is creating content for your brand that your audience would consider helpful and valuable.

Every piece of content you produce should build awareness for brand and what you believe in, driving your customers to your page and to your website. Look at the previous steps for inspiration when it comes down to creating content.

A defined content strategy will help you connect with your audience and support them at every step through their customer journey.

What is your content marketing strategy?

Optimise your website

All these steps should help you in creating the best website possible, after all your website is where you want your customers to land.

Tell a story with your site that shows who you are and what you do, a website that conveys your brand is essential to brand development.

If you’re representing your beliefs, values, offering advice and solving questions and concerns you will certainly leave a great impression.

Pair this with writing blogs to help your customers understand that your products/services help them with their needs and providing testimonials for extra persuasion, you will be turning leads into sales in no time!

How can brand strategy be improved?

You may be thinking “ok, but I already have a brand strategy” but need help refining it. There’s always room for improvement and brand development but sometimes it’s hard to know what to improve on and where to start. But don’t stress, this is where we come in and can help you to improve your branding strategy.

Your branding strategy may need to change based off of your brand changing and evolving, maybe you need to update your vision statement and start working towards new goals. Building a solid foundation to work on is so important so you can identify the steps you need to work on moving forward.

At ThinkWow, we’ve helped businesses figure out and understand their values and build a brand strategy around them that’s also positively impacted their customer experience. Get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help with any brand strategy questions you have!

Digital marketing and brand strategy

Marketing helps you to attract, win and retain your customers! Your marketing strategy will help you to advertise your brand messaging to potential customers.

Creating a brand development strategy is essential if you want to create a successful marketing strategy too!

Social media

Make sure your social media accounts accurately represent your brand! The social media platforms you use are the perfect place for you to shine and stand out from the crowd.

Your brand’s voice should be loud and clear, giving your customers value and entertainment while representing your values. Brands use their social media accounts to their advantage by creating funny videos or insightful posts about their products and services.

Make sure to include a mixture of entertaining/promotional content. If you’re only posting promotional posts, your audience will get easily bored and building a community will be difficult.

Social media also gifts you with strategic insights on your audience, such as impressions, location data, gender of your audience and age data. All can be used to help you understand the audience you’re attracting and the audience you want to target. You can cater your content marketing so you will gain the interest of your ideal audience too.

Do your social media accounts accurately represent your brand?

Search Engine Optimisation

Your website is the home to all your valuable content. Your landing page should be welcoming and informative while also being easy to navigate and understand. Optimising your website is important as you want to appear in as many searches related to your business as possible.

When you are appearing in more search engine results will certainly help small business owners and local businesses too, expanding your reach and getting your name out there. A great way to do this is writing blogs based on popular search terms.

If you’re answering the common questions your customers are answering, you will be seen as a reliable and helpful brand and will acquire some loyal customers too.

Is your website seo optimised in you brand strategy?

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a fantastic way to communicate with your audience. As well as educating and informing them you can also advertise deals and offers on your website and drive more traffic (and hopefully conversions) to your website.

Email marketing is incredibly beneficial for any brand as not only is it a cost-effective and conversion-rich marketing method.

It also helps small businesses reach new customers and grow their revenue on minimal budgets. Larger businesses use email marketing to generate new leads and engage their customers at scale.

Are you using email marketing to communicate your brand?


What factors make up a brand?

We’ve spoken about the main factors that help you with your brand development strategy but there’s more to it that can help you differentiate your brand from direct competitors:

  • Target audience knowledge- Knowing your target audience is essential in being successful. Great brands understand who their customers are. Understand how they think, what they need, and very importantly, where they spend their time. This will give you a massive advantage against other brands that maybe haven’t figured all these aspects out yet.
  • Catchy brand slogan- Your brand slogan should be memorable and unique. You can reflect your brand tone of voice and personality in your slogan. For example, if you’re want to add humor and a bit of fun you could use a pun in your slogan or for a more serious tone, something powerful and punchy. This all helps to better supports your brand positioning too.

What makes my brand unique?

Only you know the answer to this. What is your USP?

Every brand has something unique about them, it could something as simple as a slogan or a funky font. There will be many things that are unique about your branding that you should embrace and use to your advantage. You’ve got all the tools you need to attract distinct audiences to your distinct brand, social media being one of them.

Part of your brand development strategy should be figuring out what makes your branding unique. Include what makes your brand unique in your positioning statement, so customers can get an idea for you your brand is straight away and what you represent.


In conclusion, there are many factors that go into building a successful strategy when you start to develop a brand. It can be a little overwhelming but hopefully this blog gives you some guidance on where to start!

Still need help implementing your brand strategy? Contact us today!

Learn more about brand building strategy here:

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