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At Think Wow we pride ourselves on giving excellent service, and a consistently great customer experience. We recognise that from time to time things may not go 100% to plan. In that unlikely event we want you to know that we’ll do absolutely all we can to help you, fix your issue and ensure that you remain a happy customer.

If you need help, want to raise a complaint or even just give us some feedback then we want that to be as easy for you as possible. We won’t dictate what’s an acceptable way to complain and what’s not, so please feel free to pick from the below options to get in touch.

Speak to Rebecca: 07727 276 270
Speak to Daniel: 07990 300 166
Leave anonymous feedback:
Send an email:

​Firstly, if you are reviewing our complaint process then we want you to know that we are sorry. We always want our customers to feel delighted with the service they have received, and anything less is not to our usual high standards. We don’t think that’s okay.

We ask that in the first instance, if you need help or you aren’t satisfied with any element of our service that you raise it with us, and give us the chance to make things right. We will try and resolve your issue informally, and swiftly – within two working days.

​If after that time you wish to raise a formal complaint, please just let us know. We will be happy to take your complaint over the phone, or via email. We will respond to you in which ever is the most convenient format for you, but will confirm everything spoken about in writing whether you choose to call or email – this is for both our records and yours.

​We will respond in full within 7 calendar days.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help make things right.

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