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Knowledge is a powerful thing and here at Think Wow we know that a well trained and empowered team can make the difference between the success or failure of a customer experience strategy.

We work with organisations and individuals who want to increase their customer experience confidence. Our one-to-one or group training sessions and online courses are tailored to meet your needs, enable you to work at your own pace, and enhance your theoretical customer experience knowledge, your soft skills and your practical application of CX theory .

We use values-based training to build your company’s existing values set into our course, so that instead of just teaching the answer to very specific questions so that a student can repeat back what they have learned, it empowers them to think on their feet in a real world scenario and develop the skills to deliver customer success. 

Values-based training ensures that our learners consider the values that underpin your business in all that they do and get used to combining those values with customer experience best practice to find solutions to customer questions and everyday issues that don’t just solve the problem but do so in a way that strengthens your culture and your brand identity.

Whether you’re new to Customer Experience or you’ve worked in the industry for a while, we can help grow your CX toolkit and increase your operational and strategic confidence with our combination of video tutorials, in-depth training, online courses, and mentoring.

Our customer experience training service is perfect for:

  • Customer Service or Customer Experience professionals who want to up-skill or formalise their approach to learning.
  • Customer Service or Customer Experience professionals who want a mentor by their side to help build their confidence and help them apply learnings to strategic planning.
  • Businesses who want both customer-facing and non-customer-facing staff to understand their role in the customer journey to empower them to maximise the chance of customer success.
  • Businesses who want to kickstart a customer experience strategy and want all their teams to be on the same page.

We work with you to understand your wider business goals, your continuous professional development objectives and through our training and mentor programs we work to equip you and your teams with the expertise and confidence you need to become industry leaders in customer experience. 

Our course content is tailored to you (and your customers!) and is designed to get your business results. Whether this is your first course with us or you’ve worked with us before, our customers report that our training has a significant impact on their organisational ability to provide a great customer experience.

Did you know that according to the Huffington Post, companies that invest in employee training enjoy 24% higher profit margins than those who don’t?

Whatever you want the focus of our time together to be, we can either help you with a one off course, or set aside a fixed number of hours each month to help your business achieve its customer goals.

If you’re considering enhancing your customer experience knowledge, we’d love to help!

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Still on the fence about CX training?

One of the biggest improvements you can make to your customer experience is to reduce your employee churn. Staff who have been with a business for longer are typically more knowledgeable. They are the experts at what they do and high staff churn can mean that you have an influx of newer, less expert individuals who take longer to help customers and are more likely to make mistakes. 

Of course every business needs new employees from time to time and actually having new people join can be a fantastic opportunity to learn new ways of working and see your own operations through fresh eyes – it’s just a good idea to make sure you keep hold of your longer serving staff too if you want to maximise the result of your customer experience design.

Investing in training of your staff shows that you care about them, it helps them feel valued and engaged, and it ultimately makes it more likely that they will stay with you. If you invest in employee training, you can also shout loudly and proudly about this to help you stand out over other potential employers when it comes to recruitment.

Did you know 94 percent of employees would stay with a company longer if there was an investment in learning?

What happens once you’re ready to start your Customer Experience learning journey?

We’ll start by understanding where you and your company are in terms of your current culture and your wider organisational objectives. If you have a particular goal in mind, we’ll help you work towards it, build your strategic customer experience knowledge, and ensure that your business is best-placed to help customers, have happy and engaged staff, and ultimately and achieve CX excellence.

We know life can be busy and before you know it, you can easily find you’ve spent your entire week firefighting, dealing with customer complaints, staff sickness, and mitigating the risk of bad reviews. We know the importance of continuity planning and time management so our course is designed to not only improve your available customer experience toolkit, but to also help you move towards a more controlled, proactive service delivery and away from the stresses of daily firefighting.

With the correct skills, CX professionals, and experience management in your organisation, customer churn can be reduced to a bare minimum. We write our training on demand and tailor it to your organisational requirements. Our primary goal is to help you and your teams develop essential skills, build the tools and the resources you need within your existing organisational structure and ensure that your customer experience is a quality and standard that you can consistently feel proud of.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs:

Our clients use Think Wow repeatedly for their training needs because they enjoy our engaging, values-based training courses, and they see how much their employees do too. Check out our reviews to see for yourself the impact that attending a Think Wow course has on our delegates.

To calculate your score, take the number of satisfied customers (those who rated you 4 or 5), and divide by the total number of responses. For example, if 50 of your 100 responses have a rating of 4 or 5, your score would be 50

In terms of what makes a good customer satisfaction score, you generally want to aim for a positive number above 0, and the higher the better. Generally a good satisfaction score is between 30 and 70 with scores over 70 indicating very high levels of loyalty in your customer base.

All of our face-to-face training courses come complete with a ‘My Customer Notebook’ – a handy recap of key topics covered in the session, along with plenty of blank pages and to-do lists. You can use the notebook for day-to-day note taking, safe in the knowledge you’ll always have the CX tips tucked away in the front to refer back to wherever you are. Full copies of the course content can also be share with your teams to reinforce the skills developed on the course and help them put them into practise in the real world.

For our shorter courses or online modules, we’ll send through an e-workbook for anyone who wants to work through the content in their own time and at their own pace.

The theory is that a customer who scores you 6 or less is likely to be a brand detractor, out there negatively talking about your brand and not someone who is likely to recommend you to others.

7-8 they are considered passives. They don’t feel strongly enough about their experience either way to even talk about you.

9 and 10 means that they are promoters. They were so pleased with their experience with you that they will be out there telling everyone they meet just how great you are, and drumming up business for you based on their customer service feedback.

You need to make sure that as many key team members as possible are empowered to help with the project, that they see the value in any culture change, and that they know how important they are to the success of the overall transformation. Bringing your team along and involving them in the process is a tried and tested way to drive engagement and you can’t do that with a team who are disengaged or feeling undervalued. That’s why we recommend the cultural assessment is one of the first stages to the project.

For some, you might need to present a business case for the project, for others having a clear vision of what great cx looks like will be enough to guide them.

That’s great! We love working with CX professionals who take their own personal development seriously. We continuously work on our own development too and recognise that we can’t have all the answers all the time. We want to keep up with the changing infrastructure and innovations in CX and we want to pass what we’ve learned on to other CX professionals.

Our training is designed to help you achieve your goals, whether those are to learn how to map out your own customer journey, drive good customer service or increase customer loyalty. We work with you to identify and bridge any skills gaps, build your confidence and strategic approach and we can even act as a sense check when it comes to your customer experience design.

Absolutely! We always start by understanding your current experience and building on it. We can work with you to build your confidence and toolkit from the ground up – all we ask is that you come ready to learn and that you already love delivering to your customers.

Empathy is at the heart of all Think Wow training. We don’t believe a great customer experience is possible without first trying to understand and empathise with both your customer and your team. We can work with you to train you on building out strong customer and employee personas, which in turn help to inform your strategy in a way that keeps people right at the centre.

We love to work with clients on their feedback strategy and we regularly hold training sessions aimed at increasing awareness of the tools available to support insight collection and analysis. We can even support you with writing your full feedback strategy and ongoing insight collection if you suddenly find you’re too busy to maintain a consistent focus on this area!

In order to get the most value from the training, if you’re not already working with us on a wider customer strategy project so we know your business culture, we’ll ask that you complete our training needs assessment to help us quickly and accurately get to know you, your organisation, and your wider business objectives. We use any existing values that you have in place, along with our understanding of the culture you are trying to build to design bespoke, values-based training for your teams.

We start by understanding your organisational objectives, and make sure that all out training, mentoring, and courses meet your strategic goals. We communicate with you throughout, asking for any feedback that can help us ensure you gain all the value you need. Your satisfaction and ongoing ability to perform in your role thanks to our training are our main goals, so we don’t quit until you tell us you are absolutely happy!

Absolutely we can. We have capacity to support a small group of Customer Experience professionals with their ongoing personal development and strategy. We meet with you weekly (virtually or in person) to help you maintain focus and momentum, and we support you with ongoing training whenever you hit a blocker. Our mentoring programmes will help you explore new challenges, pushing at a steady pace to ensure your projects reach their end goals.

That’s really up to you! We have our own beautiful facility based in the heart of a country estate Rowlands Castle in Hampshire, so if you think you or your team would benefit from a change in scenery and a delicious lunch, why not come to us? Alternatively we can train at your premises providing there is a suitable room, if not we can help you source a local hotel or conference facility. We cover the whole of the UK at present, but if you’re based in the rest of the world and are desperate to work with Think Wow then by all means still get in touch and we can see if we can create a course to suit you!

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