CX Mentoring

CX Mentoring

Our CX mentoring service is perfect for:

We work with organisations that want ongoing help with their customer experience and we know what it takes to create an award-winning, world class customer experience (CX). 

  • Customer experience professionals who want to continue their development and have an experienced sounding board for customer initiatives and designing strategy.
  • Newly appointed customer leadership such as customer success managers, customer experience managers and customer service team managers who want to grow their confidence, and knowledge in the field of CX with an approachable and supportive customer experience mentor.
  • Small business owners who want to harness the power of customer experience to grow their brand, but who haven’t worked in the field before and need some guidance on strategic approach, best practice from with the customer experience space, and how to use their own customer experience to win more loyal customers.

We work with you to understand your wider business goals, your continuous professional development objectives and through our mentor program we work to equip you with the expertise and confidence to lead on CX within your business.

For some of our customers the coaching will be focused on specific goals such as sitting the CCXP exam and achieving CCXP accreditation, with a solid grounding in generalised customer experience theory and practice. 

Other customers want resources and advice that’s tailored to their business objectives, with help to create relevant strategies that are industry specific and help move their business forward. The best bit about our coaching is you get to set the agenda!

Did you know 87% of mentors and mentees feel empowered by their mentoring relationship and develop greater confidence?

Whatever you want the focus of our time together to be, we set aside a fixed number of hours each month to help your business achieve its customer goals. 

If you’re considering mentors, we’d love to help!

Still on the fence?

Mentoring can increase staff happiness, motivation and retention, and enhance levels of confidence within developing talent.

Working with Think Wow can help your business to gain fresh perspectives with external expertise, help with innovation, structure and your overall customer strategy.

We’ve found that it’s often the case that an employee will feel more comfortable to admit knowledge gaps or areas of concern to a mentor who doesn’t manage their day to day workload or have any input in promotion opportunities.

Our mentors provide a regular, safe and encouraging space for our clients to connect with an expert at the top of the profession, who can help build tools, skills and strategic awareness at a comfortable pace and with a learning style tailored to their needs.

The benefits of working with a mentor are huge. 67% of businesses surveyed reported an increase in productivity due to mentoring.

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What happens once you’re ready for mentoring?

We’ll start by understanding where you and your company are in terms of a customer strategy. If you have one, we’ll focus on helping you reach your objectives. If you haven’t created a strategy yet then we’ll work with you to design and implement one. Remember, it’s your time to use how you want.

We’ll usually recommend that we meet once a week to maintain momentum. This can either be by phone, Teams or for local clients it can even be face to face. Each meeting lasts an hour and we take a person centred approach, making sure any content we cover is tailored to your learning style.

If you’re ready to get started, we’d love to talk to you!

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs:

We only want to work with clients who are enjoying their time with us, feel like it’s a valuable use of their businesses resource and who really get benefit form our weekly meetings, so we don’t tie you in for a lengthy term. Our time does book up fast however so if you decide that mentorship isn’t for you, all we ask is that if you want to cancel, you give us one month notice.

When looking at your foundations consider things like your current company culture. Do the leadership team embrace the company values and lead with them on all they do? Do the teams know what the values are and do they feel like the right values to use for this customer experience transformation?

What about the current mood in the office (or whilst your employees are working remotely)? Are your teams geared up, excited and ready for change? Or have they seen this before, have they put energy into previous initiatives only to see them forgotten about and moved on from in favour of something new and exciting? It’s critical to gauge how ready and how prepared your workforce is if you want to succeed in your transformation effort.

Our mentoring packages start at £1,000 per month for a weekly mentoring session and ongoing ad-hoc support with reaching your goals. Some companies we work with opt to sign up multiple individuals for mentoring and wherever possible we’ll look to pass any cost savings on to you for any sessions that can be combined.

You need to make sure that as many key team members as possible are empowered to help with the project, that they see the value in any culture change, and that they know how important they are to the success of the overall transformation. Bringing your team along and involving them in the process is a tried and tested way to drive engagement and you can’t do that with a team who are disengaged or feeling undervalued. That’s why we recommend the cultural assessment is one of the first stages to the project.

For some, you might need to present a business case for the project, for others having a clear vision of what great cx looks like will be enough to guide them.

An example session could include some dedicated time spent on addressing any challenges that have occurred that week, making sure next steps in the businesses strategic development are clear to you and that you have all the training you need to progress your workload in our absence until our next session.

We’ll focus on enabling you to deal with key challenges as they arise, prepare for you for growth by creating clear process improvements and streamlining any services you are responsible for. We can support you with getting the most from important key stakeholders within the business such as the sales or marketing functions – both of whom usually work closely with customer success teams to interpret customer data, feedback and customer research to inform strategy.

Create both short term and long term metrics if possible. Giving your leadership team some quick wins they can celebrate with employees is a great way to generate more enthusiasm and commitment to the cx transformation in the early months. The longer term measurements may well take time to get to and the best companies recognise that keeping employees engaged and enthusiastic will be key to long term successful adoption of any changes or continuous improvement plans.

Caution: It’s worth avoiding aiming for singular improvements like an increase in Net Promoter Score, or Customer Satisfaction Scores as looking too closely at one metric can mean people forget the wider picture and make changes that negatively impact the long term goals.

Instead, set long term goals like increases in revenue, reduction in avoidable customer churn and increases in the average spend per customer. Keep an eye on your customer satisfaction or NPS alongside these metrics and it will give you a much more reliable way to measure whether you are on track.

Absolutely! We’re passionate about driving an improvement to UK customer satisfaction so we love nothing more than working with anyone new to the discipline, or individuals who want to place CX at the heart of their business operations as they grow. We’ll take some time to understand your currently experience and skills, and we’ll move at whatever pace suits you. Remember, our mentor programme is all about you getting what you need from it!

It can feel lonely at the top sometimes. We can act as a sounding board, a fresh pair of eyes and even help you with juggling the more challenging stakeholders in your business.

We always think of CX as more of an art than a science and we know we always learn from working with other CX experts – maybe we might have an approach you haven’t considered yet, and we’ll always be honest with you, supporting you to achieve your goals whilst acting as a second set of hands!

CX mentor services at Think Wow are led by top CX influencer, Rebecca Brown. Rebecca has worked in senior customer functions across multiple industries including property, energy and the legal services industry. There aren’t many challenges she hasn’t experienced first hand on her journey up the career ladder and her specific experience recruiting, inducting, training and managing large customer facing teams makes her a supportive and encouraging mentor.

Rebecca knows that preparing a business for rapid and sustainable growth doesn’t happen by accident. She’ll help you design a consistent approach to the customer that you can communicate to your team with processes that are built to scale as you grow.

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