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So you’re looking to fill your customer experience vacancies (phew – you’ve come to the right place!)

Now more than ever it’s a candidate’s market with more jobs than there are jobseekers. It’s not easy to hook the most qualified candidates – let alone make sure they’re also the right cultural fit for your organisation (which is a crucial factor, often overlooked by traditional recruitment practices).

We know there’s no such thing as the perfect, all-singing, all-dancing candidate, but we do believe in helping you find the right balance of skills, knowledge, and attitude to source the perfect candidate for you.

At Think Wow we KNOW customer experience 

We know what it takes to create an award-winning customer experience function, from entry-level customer facing staff such as contact centre agents and complaint handlers, all the way up to senior strategic leadership. 

We use our expertise to ensure you attract, win, and retain the best person for your brand with our bespoke approach to talent sourcing and putting the candidates at the heart of the process.

Our specialist recruitment team works with you to understand your organisational values, your current culture and your wider strategic objectives. We make sure we know where your business is heading and what your CX team will need to do to ensure you get there. We combine technology with a human approach to find you the best possible match.

What does it mean to work with us on CX recruitment?

Recruitment is changing. It’s no longer enough to simply post a job advert and hope it shows up in the perfect candidate’s job search. Top talent is often well looked after, content where they are, or spoilt for choice when it comes to their next career move.

The great news is that there are several key ways we can help you attract the best individuals to fill your vacancies and believe it or not, it doesn’t just come down to who will pay them the most.

We know what employees value in an employer, what it takes to build a reputation as an employer of choice, and how to encourage applications from qualified and experienced individuals who complement your existing company values.

1. We’re proactive

We don’t wait for the right employee to find your company. We work with you to consider who you need, which skills are most important to have from the start, and which you are prepared to invest time and training to develop for the right candidate. We bring our insight on what it takes to drive a customer experience that wins you loyal customers and helps you retain top skills and then we utilise our combined network of over 50,000 professionals to find your future talent (and keep them out of the hands of competitor companies!).

2. We’ll help you highlight your company values and culture

We’ll help you bring your values and your culture to every stage of the recruitment process, from the way you talk about your business and the role, all the way through to which questions you ask at interview and how you welcome your new recruit to your company. We support you with recruitment and onboarding as standard, ensuring you have the best possible chance to not only attract the highest quality individuals, but to increase their loyalty from day one.

3. Tailored CX training and mentoring

We can help you plug any skills gaps in the CVs of otherwise perfect candidates with our tailored CX training and mentoring. If you just love them and they are so close to being perfect but they haven’t done a key aspect of the job, don’t lose a great cultural fit – let us work with them to build up their knowledge and confidence.

4. We only work with companies who invest in their staff

Finally, because we know just how crucial a good employee experience is to the delivery of an excellent customer experience, we only work with companies who invest in their employees. You’ll need to be committed to equal pay and opportunities, inclusion and diversity, offer flexible working where possible, and provide your new employee with a safe and supportive environment that ensures they’re able to succeed, focus, and thrive in their new role.

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Did you know 92% of people born between 1980 and 2000 identified flexibility as a top priority when job hunting?

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Still have questions? Check out our FAQs:

CX stands for Customer Experience. Customer experience management is still a fairly new discipline, only emerging over the past 15 years or so. With Customer experience overtaking both price and product as the key differentiator between a business and its competition, it’s fast becoming the new battleground where business is won or lost. Having a standalone CX function that helps future-proof your business, and cement the importance of the customer journey with the other strategic leadership in your organisation is crucial.

CX recruitment is a specialist approach to helping you find the best fit to lead on your CX strategy and help you unlock the benefits of strategic customer management to attract, win and retain more loyal clients.

Probably finding cultural fit. To attract the right person to your role you need to embed your values in to the entire recruitment process, from start to finish and at every stage. Alongside great communication as a more obvious foundation for recruiting, the right values help to ensure that not only do you fill the vacancy, but you fill it with someone who will enjoy working with you and stick around.

Businesses who attract the best fit to lead on their CX will have the strongest customer journeys, the happiest employees and the most loyal clients.

A head of customer experience leads the customer experience function within a business. That can mean responsibility for a customer team, or just for the processes that impact the customer journey. They lead on strategic improvements to help drive a customer experience that increases loyalty, leads to an uplift in revenue, and ultimately prevents avoidable customer churn.

Their exact job function depends on the size of the company they work for, the wider organisational objectives they are contributing to, and the number of direct reports they are responsible for. Their remit can include digital teams, marketing and contact centres (but won’t always).

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