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Here at Think Wow, we believe no business is too big or too small to work on its customer experience strategy.

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What is customer experience consultancy?

The term ‘consultant’ has become somewhat divisive in recent years, and not without some justification.

Consultants are viewed with a degree of suspicion – swooping in and commanding a ludicrous fee, tearing things up and suggesting wholesale change, then disappearing into the night and leaving your shell-shocked teams to pick up the pieces.

Whether you are a one-person band taking your first steps on building a customer journey or an industry titan with an NPS of 90, an extra set of eyes (in this case, four customer experience consultants’ eyes…) can only enhance your customer satisfaction and help you make sure your precious clients don’t get itchy feet!

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Here at Think Wow; we like to take a different approach...

Tools like customer journey mapping help you to understand your customer’s pain points and, in very simple terms, make sure you do more of what your customers like and less of what they don’t!

We believe that for a consultancy to have a genuinely positive impact on your customer experiences, they should put their money where their mouth is and stick around to implement the solutions they come up with!

Just like customers, all CX consultants are different, and each customer experience consultancy will have its own unique approach to gathering customer insight and advising you on your strategic direction.

The client is King (or Queen!)

A good customer experience consultancy will be open to different approaches depending on what your business (and your customers) need. But at Think Wow, we believe in a company-wide approach, which places employee experience, Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and innovation at the core of the CX services we provide.

We think of customer experience consultancy like making a delicious fruitcake (bear with us), where no one ingredient makes the whole thing, but all the elements (like your sales team, marketing, operations, website, technology, and employee productivity) come together to create something unforgettable, and no customer interactions are left to chance.

Why is customer experience strategy so important in business?

To put it bluntly, a business is only as good as its CX strategy. Those with a strong focus and ongoing investment in customer experience routinely outperform those without it, and companies working with customer experience consultants almost always report a positive ROI (or maybe that’s just us! 😉) and improvements to their bottom line.

The modern customer (whether business or consumer) is well-informed, has high expectations, and is not afraid to vote with their feet (or their wallet).

CX is the new battleground for businesses, and organisations dedicated to gathering insights to ensure their overall customer experience strategy is fit for the future will almost certainly deliver better customer outcomes (and stronger growth) than those in their sector who aren’t.

Our customer experience consultancy services

We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all solution. Good consulting should start with one thing: listening. We can work on identifying which service will deliver the most value by talking with you, your team, and your customers.

Some of the most popular and effective tools we’ve used with our customer organisations include:

  • Deep-dive into customer expectations
  • Customer interviews and focus groups
  • Internal customer experience
  • Feedback strategy
  • Process mapping and improvements
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer experience training (including complaint handling)
  • UX
  • Brand values
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Contact Think Wow
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Why work with Think Wow?

We have extensive experience helping businesses of all sizes keep their customers happy, turn that market-leading service into glowing testimonials, and cycle them through marketing to drive growth.

Our founder has been leading businesses across multiple industries to record-breaking growth for over ten years, and you can read some case studies and reviews to get a feel for what we’ve been achieving for our customers.

We place your employees at the heart of any work we do, and the importance of their knowledge and expertise, plus their engagement with any improvements you want to make, cannot be underestimated.

Think Wow customer experience consulting is tailored to let your company attract, win, and retain your ideal clients and become (or remain) the leader in your industry.

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