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difference between customer experience and customer service?
Customer Experience

What is the difference between customer experience and customer service?

The right customer strategy can ensure you remove the guess work from winning loyal customers, and grow your business in a long-term, sustainable way, to achieve results. With so many businesses still seeing customer service and customer experience as interchangeable terms, we thought we’d help clear up the difference once and for all! The main

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how to use customer experience to compete with bigger brands
Customer Experience

Using Customer Experience Strategy to compete with bigger brands

How can I use Customer Experience Strategy to compete with bigger, more established brands? Size matters, but not in the way you might think. Often as a small start-up it can feel daunting to try and win business, even more so if you know you have some established competition out there in the form of

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7 ways to build great customer experience

Seven Ways To Build A Great Customer Experience

Customer experience is now predicted as the biggest brand differentiator. Let thank sink in… That’s right – CX is what sets you apart from your competition more than any other factor; including price and product. What does that mean in real terms? Well, simply put, it doesn’t matter how cost effective you are or how

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super heroes need saving too
Complaint Handling

Superheroes need saving too!

Anyone who has worked in the complaint handling industry will tell you that like any job, there are good and bad days. What isn’t like most other job is the emotional weight placed on a complaint handler when they have a 40 minute call with someone who alternates between swearing and shouting, and apologising and

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