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top 5 reasons why customer experience is important- thinkwow
Customer Experience

Top 5 reasons why customer experience matters

Running a business or a department in a business is a serious job. There are so many elements to consider and balance on a daily basis, so many choices to make and objectives to progress. Customer experience matters for so many reasons, such as driving loyalty, building your reputation and, not least of all, the

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how does customer experience drive business growth
Customer Experience

How does customer experience drive business growth?

Customer experience has long been predicted to overtake both price and product when it comes to why customers choose one business over another – and it makes sense, doesn’t it? A strong customer experience strategy means you understand customer needs, then build a customer journey that meets those needs, delivering an excellent, seamless experience consistently

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Think Wow shortlisted for StartUp Awards National Series

Rowlands Castle based Customer Experience and Sales consultancy, Think Wow has been named one of the most exciting new businesses in the region after being shortlisted as part of a brand new awards programme. The StartUp Awards National Series has been launched to recognise the booming startup scene across the UK which has accelerated since

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difference between customer experience and customer service?
Customer Experience

What is the difference between customer experience and customer service?

The right customer strategy can ensure you remove the guess work from winning loyal customers, and grow your business in a long-term, sustainable way, to achieve results. With so many businesses still seeing customer service and customer experience as interchangeable terms, we thought we’d help clear up the difference once and for all! The main

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8 ways to build great customer service

8 Ways To Build A Great Customer Experience

Customer experience is now predicted as the biggest brand differentiator. Let thank sink in… If you want to build a superior customer experience, starts with these: Looking at the entire customer journey Put yourself in your customer’s shoes Listen to your customers and take feedback seriously Consider investing into customer relationship management Always look to

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