Authenticity and Customer Experience

Authenticity and Customer Experience

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This week saw the launch of our event LinkedInspo presents: Authenticity.

An event co-designed with fellow CX leader, Clare Muscutt at CMXperience.

You’d be forgiven for wondering what authenticity has to do with CX and why is it that this event came to exist, and did so from (on the surface of it) two CX competitors?

Well the first thing to address is that word – competitor.

We both run successful CX consultancies yes, but we have never seen ourselves as competitors. The way we see it, the world needs more great customer experiences and there is plenty of room for anyone trying to make that happen.

Clare was one of the first people to reach out and offer help and advice to me when I branched out on my own, and she was the first person we thought of when we decided we wanted to get some amazing speakers together to put on an event to remember.

One meeting later and our purpose was clear – the one thing missing from the post-covid event space was a seriously well curated digital event that catered not only for training, but that provided a fantastic speaker and customer experience too. We wanted to build something that was easy, convenient and added amazing value to our customers – all whilst helping people to embrace their own authenticity.

That’s where Customer Experience comes into it!

We worked to deliberately design an end to end experience that will provide both speakers and attendees with an engaging, exciting and inspirational set of talks and live Q&As.

We want to help anyone who feels like they have to adapt to fit in, that they don’t belong, anyone who suffers from importer syndrome or feels heavy with the weight of other people’s expectations to break free. We want to help them achieve the many benefits of living and working in an authentic way.

Benefits like:

  • Being less prone to stress and depression
  • Being more fulfilled at work
  • Feeling more confident
  • Feeling liberated

Knowing who you are, how to be and how to show up to work makes your employee experience stronger and it’s long established that there is an undeniable link between happy employees and amazing customer experiences.

So three months (and a lot of hard work and Zoom calls later), we launched LinkedInspo Presents: Authenticity.

It’s gone down so well already and the buzz our fellow connections on LinkedIn have generated around it has been emotional to say the least. So, a massive thanks to all those on LinkedIn who have supported us, rallied round and to everyone who’s already taken advantage of the small early bird window to get a discounted ticket!

Once you grab your ticket, you can sit back, relax and just look forward to attending in February – we’ll remind you closer to the time and take care of everything else!

Our exciting journey isn’t over yet though. We’re currently working hard to make sure that the speakers get all the support they need from superstar talk coach, Kimberly Owen. They are all hard at work, to hone the perfect talk to both captivate and inspire you to boldly and proudly put your authentic self out into the world!

Watch this space everyone… seven speakers, two continents, one theme – Authenticity!

Get your early-bird tickets here today!

Picture of Rebecca Brown
Rebecca Brown
Rebecca’s intense passion for customer excellence began over a decade ago when she oversaw the opening of several high-end retail art galleries, balancing the need for an exceptional experience with a drive for sales.

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