5 things you should be doing to improve your customer experience

5 ways to improve customer experience

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Read this blog to discover all the aspects of creating the perfect experience for your customers.

Have a look at these 5 KEY aspects that will improve customer service in your business.

The Customer Journey

A lot of businesses that try to be customer focused believe the customer journey starts when the customer enters your store or calls your line – in reality, the customers’ journey often begins with a search query.

Most customers start the initial research into a product or service by reading blogs and reviews, which heavily influence their overall decision.

Creating relevant content relating to common search queries will help you attract customers and be a part of their buying journey.

Customers could come across your content through multiple channels, such as blogs or social media, so you want your content to be simple, straightforward and helpful.

Optimise your content, so that when a customer interacts with your content, it can help point them in the right direction.

How often should you improve the customer experience (CX)?

To build a customer-centric culture, you should always be looking to improve your customer experience. This will keep your customers happy and increase customer loyalty – you should always be making sure you are looking at your customer’s needs.

How often you should update your customer experience is up to you, but if you’ve gained a lot of new customers, make sure you identify and keep up with their potentially different expectations.

If you want to keep happy customers, you should make sure you’re still looking after your current customers and not just focusing on finding new ones!

Customer expectations will be high after a positive customer experience, so making sure customers receive a great experience consistently is very important.

Why is it important to keep your CX strategy updated?

Keeping great relationships with your customers comes from keeping your cx strategy up to date and being dedicated to making even relatively minor improvements. Take into account customer interactions with your business at every stage of the customer’s journey and make sure the experience is simple, smooth and positive to keep customer retention as high as possible. Look at your cx strategy at every stage and see where you could improve.

Think: is there anything you could do the make the process more pleasant, seamless or informative for your customers? This will overall improve the customer experience.

5 ways you can improve customer service in your business.

Have a look at these 5 KEY aspects that will improve customer service in your business. Improving these aspects in your business will no doubt improve the customer’s experience (cx).

conduct customer feedback to improve customer service

Customer Surveys

This is a great way to get honest opinions from your customers. Getting your customers to submit anonymous surveys evaluating your service or products will provide feedback and show you where you need to improve. Take into account any negative feedback, and this will show you where you may be lacking.

First Contact Resolution

Are your customers’ problems or enquiries being resolved on the first call? Evaluate how effectively you solve your customers’ problems by seeing what proportion of problems is resolved on the first call. Customers don’t appreciate being passed around to multiple other departments and certainly don’t like having to call up multiple times to get a response.

Customer Service Skills

Looking at your customer service will help you with improving customer experience. Consider how you handle customer enquiries on social media, through your website, in person and over the phone. Do you keep your website up to date with relevant information? Is it easy for customers to find? Are you easy to reach on different channels e.g. web chat? Are your customer service reps kind, empathetic and patient?

Customers’ Pain Points 

Pain points are persistent problems with a product or service that can inconvenience customers and their businesses. Identifying your customers’ pain points will help you solve their unmet needs and ultimately give you the upper hand against competitors.

Personalise Your Customer Experience (CX)

Improve the customer’s experience by personalising the customer’s experience. This could involve greeting the customer by their first name or offering them personalised deals based on their likes and interests.

Check out our blog on how to deliver a personalised customer experience to learn more.

Does customer experience improve customer loyalty?

To build a long-lasting relationship with your customers, you’ve got to make sure customer experience is your top priority. According to SmartKarrot,

“96% of customers feel that customer service is crucial for brand loyalty.” & “89% of customers express they would switch brands after an unpleasant experience.”

So it’s vital to ensure the customer experiences great customer service throughout their journey.

Using customer feedback

The best way to improve your customer’s experience is to listen to direct feedback from them. Customers like to feel heard, and customers expect their feedback to be considered. Responding to unhappy customers shows that you care and are open to improving your services and may even turn a negative experience into a positive experience.

Digital technology

Customers are online more than ever, and social media plays a huge part in customer experience. Take advantage of these new technologies as they help businesses easily measure statistics across multiple social channels.

Be present on your customers’ preferred channels and make sure messages and enquiries are answered swiftly; this will improve customer satisfaction. More and more, customer journeys tend to start online, so showcasing your services and reviews on your social channels will build trust with potential customers when they visit your website or social media.

Customers today are not afraid to leave feedback online. Make sure you improve customer experience by checking feedback on multiple channels and responding with the correct tone.


In conclusion, there are a lot of different aspects to consider when improving customer experience in your business. Look at what you’ve already implemented and how you could improve before introducing new services.

The best way to improve the customer experience is to ask your customers directly, and this will give you the most honest and accurate outline of where to start and help your customers feel heard while building lasting relationships.

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